My Music

Music is one of my best outlets for any mood, maybe that is why I love I love music so much. My tastes range from mash-ups, pop, country, dub-step, alternative, punk, rap, screamo, really anything. I am always looking for new covers and artists. I am constantly exploring the dark depths of youtube looking for that one song that is a diamond among the rubble. You never know exactly what might pop up. In fact that is another thing that makes this one of my favorite down time activities.

It is amazing how music can take my crappy mood and make me into an actual likeable person, or can do the exact opposite to my volatile mood. It can put me to sleep, or ramp me up with enough energy to exercise.


The Meaning of Art

Late night blog writing, oh how I love thee. So I was asked today why I love Shakespeare, apparently no one my age in fact reads his plays—or at the least not for fun. As the conversation persisted I was asked, “well are you artsy? You have to be artsy to like Shakespeare.” Well I would have argued, but the thing is I am artsy and love my art. In all reality the conversation was mindless, at least during the time, but it did get me thinking. Why do I love my art in the way that I do? I don’t think it’s just because I made it, saw it or in some rare cases even wrote it. But its where I can just be me, I don’t need to explain myself, the interpretation is up to the viewer.

The viewer can not judge me, at least not harshly, for what I create for that reason. My past is bright in many areas, but just as everyone else I have those dark spots. My art lets out that pain, sometimes the hate that I turn inwardly and this is safe for me because they see what they want, not what I wrote (in most cases).

I show people with my art things that I would never be able to say, not because I don’t want to as many people have misinterpreted it to mean, but because I can not find the words. The words do nothing but evade me. It leaves me alone, depressed, and often spiraling. My art is what saves me. This is why I love art, not just my art. For the simple reason of being reminded that I am not alone, everyone feels the way that I do at least at times. 


My name is Alexa. I am just an average teenage girl, who as everyone in this world has an opinion,my two cents. This is a public blog and I am not sure where this blog will lead but I am excited just to share my opinion and place with this.